What you can expect from our Campervan range.

If you find yourself reading this article then we can make a guess that you are interested in hiring one of the Deal Dub’s Campervans. 

You may be new to campervan opportunities (if you are then you are about to experience an exhilarating trip done on your terms), you may be a veteran of Campervan hire but have never hired from us before. Whatever your situation, we wanted to give you a glimpse of our Campervans.

Deal Dubs - Retro Camper Hire

We currently have two Campervans within our fleet. We will be commissioning more Campervans in due course. The Campervans are designed to be a “home from from” and we have paid great attention to the specifications of the vehicles. We have also drawn upon our own experiences from many trips we have taken in a Campervan.

So, what features can you expect when you hire one of our Campervans?

  • Sound deadened, insulated and carpet lined
  • Non slip Altro flooring
  • Window for natural light and scenic viewing
  • Pop top with scenic canvas for those lovely summer evenings, and additional sleeping space.
  • 3/4 R&R bed with seating for 2 rear passengers with matching front seats.
  • A kitchen with fridge, hob and sink
  • 12v leisure battery system
  • 240 hook up with full gas safe / habitation certification
  • Swivel base system for passenger seat.



As you can see, we have provided a high specification Campervan for  you and your family to enjoy.

The only decision you have to make is where the open road will take you?

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