Our Booking System

One of the things that we wanted to do when we decided to build our website was to provide a booking system that was straight forward and could be done on a laptop/desktop or mobile and tablet.

The booking system was created and we feel that it provides exactly what it is supposed to do. We thought that a little guide to our system would help so here you go with our regards.

The booking system is based within our “Check Availability” section on our navigation. When you arrive there you will be presented with images at the bottom which represent our current fleet (see image below).

Deal Dubs - Check Availability 2021

The next step is to click on the van to check availability. Just tap the read more button to start that process. 

It is important to know that each one of our campervans displayed here works on its own unique diary. So, if you try one van and the dates you need are not there then please come back to this page and click on a different van. 

When you have clicked the “Read More” button on your campervan of choice you will be taken to the calendar page for that van. This will allow you to choose the dates you require for the trip you are planning.

Deal Dubs - Calendar for Availability 2021

Simply tap your start date and the end date of your planned trip and this will be highlighted as shown.

Deal Dubs - Dates Selected

This now shows the booking cost for your trip and the deposit required to secure those dates. You can click and choose whether you want to pay the full hire cost at this time or just pay the deposit. In this example, we have highlighted to just pay the deposit. It is now we will press the “Book Now” button to continue on with our journey.

Deal Dubs - Checkout with Deal Dubs

When you click the “Book Now” button you will be presented with the following screen which is a confirmation screen of your booking details, cost and deposit to pay. Simply click the proceed to checkout button where you will be asked to fill in your name and address details and input your credit/debit card details via our secure payment gateway. As you can see from the images below, you can also leave a note about any additional requirements you may have for your booking.

Deal Dubs - Booking name and address
Deal Dubs - Booking credit and debit card input

Once you input the information that is required then you simply click the “Place Order” button at the bottom and that is it. An email confirmation will be sent to your inbox and your date is secured.

It is easy to place a booking with us. 

We hope that this handy guide helps you with your booking with us

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