About Us

Deal Dubs is a small, family-run business based in Deal in Kent. We are based near to the major port of Dover, and the gateway to Europe so we decided to offer high-quality campervans for hire to the public.

As our children have got older, and their love of creature comforts has increased, we yearned for a holiday option that matched OUR needs rather than being dictated by a hotel or holiday park. We decided to start a new holiday chapter by travelling around the United Kingdom and Europe by campervan. This enabled us to discover new and exciting places with the freedom to pick and choose our surroundings each day.

Because we hired a campervan we quickly realised the joy of freedom. We truly started to enjoy the outdoors, we had no time restrictions and we were not a slave to reservations or dinner times.

Our son is really picky when it comes to food and eating out. This was not a problem anymore because we could cook the food that he enjoyed within the campervan.

Deal Dubs - Retro Camper Hire
Deal Dubs - Retro Camper Hire

For us the highlight of staying in a campervan must be the festival season where you can rest your weary head in comfort and style. Renting a campervan for a festival will cost more than grabbing that dusty tent from the attic, that is true. But when you look at costs over the extended weekend, taking a campervan will save you money!

If you are looking to get a campervan, then you get freedom like no other. You are able to do your own cooking and save money on overpriced, and not very tasty fast food. You are able to nourish yourself properly instead of surviving on a pot noodle and chips. Also, the fridge is the perfect way to cool your beers, so you can enjoy a nice cold one instead of an extortionately priced cup of foam.

The main advantage of a campervan lodging at a festival is the increased comfort. Instead of a mat and sleeping bag on the floor you can sleep in an actual bed with pillows and blankets.

As a family business we also understand the need for security for you and your loved ones. Our campervans provide the opportunity to be locked when you are sleeping, when you’re watching gigs at festivals, giving peace of mind in the knowledge that your belongings are safely tucked away.

Deal Dubs - Retro Camper Hire